Bhangra Dance Workshops

Bhangra9On Friday 19th April, all the students celebrated Vaisakhi, which represents a harvest celebration and the arrival of a New Year for our Sikhism followers. We invited Jag and Anil from Dance Ansar into school to teach us a harvest themed dance. Everyone learnt the dance during workshops throughout the day and then the whole school performed the dance together in a special Baisakhi assembly at the end of the day led by some very enthusiastic staff members. Bhangra20We were joined by parents and relatives during the day and everyone involved learnt a lot about a new religious festival and also had a good physical workout while dancing the day away!




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World Champion Irish Dancer Performs For Primary Children

The primary children were spoilt on Wednesday 13th March, when an amazing Irish dancer ‘Victoria Taylor’ performed a soft and hard dance.

TAP4All the primary children congregated in the hall, carrying handmade Ireland flags and green, white and gold balloons. When Victoria started to dance there was electric in the room, everyone was quiet as mice and watched her elegantly float and fly around the room – it was beautiful.

The second dance was not so quiet! Victoria was wearing her hard shoes, which have plates of metal attached to them. We all watched in anticipation for Victoria to start, then after a long introduction ‘BANG’ she jumped and threw her feet to the floor, everyone in the room jumped as the sound of the metal hitting the floor roared around the room.

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Wilson Stuart Horror Film

Over the last few weeks at Wilson Stuart something Spooky has been going on. Lurking in the Community room some of our students have uncovered something terrifying! ARK Media and First Light Productions have been running filming workshops for a number of our pupils, Filming will take place this Wednesday with David Proud as the lead actor. David played Adam Best in Eastenders a few years ago and was the first full time disabled actor on the Eastenders set. The film is too be submitted to the Edinburgh Film Festival later this year so we wish the Crew and Students the best of luck in making the movie.


Loudmouth3On the 6th of february 2013 Wilson Stuart had a performance company ‘Loudmouth’ in school supporting the education of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils around sexual health and behaviour.
The day consisted of 2 workshops which incorporated growing up/puberty and various aspects of bullying.
Loudmouth2Children sat in their groups supported by their TAs and form teachers. The first workshop consisted of a 50 min drama scene where 2 children experience changes in their friendship and feelings from year 6 to 8. This followed by repeated scenes which contributed to discussions.




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New Facilities Grand Opening

Thank you very much to former Wilson Stuart Head Teachers Mrs. Anne Tomkinson and Mr Colin Grantham for opening the new outdoor facilities at school on Wednesday. Appropriately named The Grantham Gazebo and The Tomkinson Tower in recognition for all their hard work as Head Teachers at Wilson Stuart School. The ribbons were cut to announce the opening of the new features, built over the summer and are now ready for our pupils to use. Continue reading

Maths Day

On Thursday 8th November, all the children at Wilson Stuart took part in a Maths Day. Some of the Primary students started off the morning by going to Storywood School to watch a Maths performance. The performance was about planets and spaceships with Maths aspects of counting, partitioning, tally charts and time tables incorporated. During the afternoon, Primary and Secondary children worked together and EYFS had children from Storywood working with them. The children participated in a range of Math’s activities linked to a firework theme. There was Maths trails, breaking codes, patterns, money problems, co-ordinates work as well as much more. The day ended with a real firework display outside which the children loved. A fantastic day had by all!

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Parents Impact Training Day

Lots of parents came into school on Friday 2nd Nov to find out how they can help to improve their child’s writing.
The Parents’ Impact Training started by giving parents a special writing pack that included punctuation and vocabulary pyramids and step by step help for writing recounts. There was a short explanation of how to use the pack and then everyone went into the classrooms to work with their child.
Research has clearly shown that the children who achieve the most are the ones who get support at home. Over the next 6 weeks the parents are going to help their child to write a series of recounts using the pack to improve the writing and move their child onto a higher level.
Thank you to all the parents who came into school we had a fantastic turnout and really value your time and support.


National Schools Film Week

“National School’s Film Week”
October/November 2012

Film Education provides award-winning teaching resources, teacher training and cinema based events which support the use of film within the curriculum. Since 1985 they have been producing unique, curriculum-relevant film-based learning experiences at no or nominal cost to teachers. Film Education also takes nearly half a million school children to the cinema free of charge every year, with events that include the world’s biggest screening programme for young people, National Schools Film Week.
Wilson Stuart Secondary Department again enjoyed visiting a local cinema to watch a film during this popular “National School’s Film Week”. Each class went to one of our local cinemas with their Form Teacher and this year the choice of films included: “Astro Boy”; “Brave”; “Charriots of Fire”; “Puss in Boots”; “Hugo”; “War Horse”; Dr Seuss The Lorax”; “Ice Age Continental Drift”; “Eleanor’s Secret”; “The Artist”.


6th Form’s London Expedition

Before half term several members of the 6th Form took a trip down to London to see how things work at one of the biggest banking corporations in the world.

HSBC have been partnered with the 6th form for over 2 years and have been involved in may projects with them, including redecorating the 6th
Form centre and and Garden area, as well as acting as interviewers for Employability days.

The day out was a huge success and a great achievement for the students who planned the travel and itinerary themselves.

The outing included a tour of the HSBC head quarters in Canary Wharf, a meal out and a trip on the London Eye which was enjoyed by all.







Sixth Form Trip to HSBC London

Sixth Form Trip to HSBC London

As Wilson Stuart Sixth Form welcomes a new group of year 12 students into it’s midst the new year is already underway with an exiting start.
HSBC Bank have invited some of our students to tour their Canary Wharf offices in London for the day for an interactive experience of work life in the capital.
The partnership between HSBC and Wilson Stuart has been an exiting and productive one with many developments around the school thanks to HSBC donations including the redecorated Sixth Form undertaken by HSBC staff themselves.
The day will have an early start for our students, taking the train from New Street to arrive in Canary Wharf for 11am to start their tour. They will then have lunch in the city followed by a trip on the London Eye, a visit to Madame Tussauds and the Tate Gallery.
The next few weeks will involve the 6th form working together to plan their journey to London and the itinerary for the days events as a valuable life skills experience.
We wish them luck.